Canadian DNA Services specializes in DNA testing for legal and private cases, and offer a wide range of Relationship testing scenarios. Providing Paternity testing to private individuals and legal representatives to resolve paternity disputes, establish child custody, identify rightful heirs, and assist with the adoption process and insurance claims.

Our Laboratories are equipped with state-of-art instrumentation, which allows us to receive high-resolution DNA-based identity tests, while adhering to the strictest of quality control and quality assurance guidelines of regulatory agencies. Our standard test includes analysis of 16 to 28 genetic markers which offers accuracy to 99.9999+%. All reports are reviewed by a P.H.D. Analyst and all exclusions are run in duplicate to ensure accuracy.

If you have further questions, please view the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact a Certified DNA Specialist toll-free at 1-877-477-5661.

Paternity Testing

Find out conclusively whether an alleged father is the true biological father of a child.

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Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing is available through a simple blood test and testing can be done as early as 14 weeks. The non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing is based on the comparison of genetic profiles of the fetal cells, mother’s blood and a sample collected via cheek swab or from a forensic sample, from the alleged father(s).

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DNA Profile

DNA profiling your identity can protect you and your family today and in the future.

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Ancestry and Genealogy

Trace your Genetic Heritage and examine all your ancestral lines at once — dating back 500 years — to tell you which ethnic groups your ancestors came from.

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Relationship TestingD

DNA relationship testing can assist to determine whether alleged relatives really are biologically related. This type of test can be performed between various degrees of relationships including grandparents and aunts and uncles.

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Siblingship Testing

Siblingship Testing determines whether individuals are biological siblings.

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Infidelity Testing

Through DNA forensics, we are able to offer infidelity DNA testing services which can help you find answers to questions you may have about your partner’s fidelity.

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Forensic Testing

Canadian DNA Services provides forensic testing of criminal evidence including contact DNA, also known as touch DNA.

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